Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 29 - Silliness

Ok... so you know that daze I said I was in a few days ago and how I was defaulting to serious. Today shocked even me... I just got silly! Something snapped and there I was playing with rubber bands. This was the final product. You can even pull the sides out and change the pitch on the fly. Personally... I think it is extremely impressive and I might need to start a business. How much should I charge for this magical musical instrument?! Tuning is a bit of a problem, because the rubber bands either break (ouch!) or do not hold the pitch for long.

Overall the best part... is how it annoys Ricky Z when I play it.

I praise God for silliness!!! And how it can lift the spirit.

PS--- Tomorrow is the last day. It will be a good one!!!
PPS-- I know I hinted that I was going to do a praise about my weight, but when I looked back over my past blog entries... I thought I have covered my feelings on that well enough... see these posts: here and here

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