Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nugget of Truth: Newport Harbor

Ok... I'll admit it. I have been watching Newport Harbor: The Real Orange County on MTV. It is unbelievable the lives these kids have!! How the guys asked the girls to the prom put most marriage proposals to shame.

Tonight though a line hit me pretty hard. One of the girls, Allie, wants to go to Italy for the summer after graduation. She practically told her parents she was going. To which they replied, "No you aren't." That episode ended in a shouting match. But this week Allie sat down with a new approach with her dad. She tried asking and explaining that her and her friends were going to college and were going to have to figure out how to live on their own anyway. Her father still said he thinks it was too dangerous. Allie started to argue until her father said this line:

"Allie, your not replaceable!"

Wow!! That is a beautiful statement from a father to their child. To think, God feels the same way about us! Jesus died for each of us. Nothing can change or lessen the value of that.

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clayton said...

That is a great line- kinda of made me emotional when I read it-