Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Great Topic

Hey guys. One of the blogs I check everyday put forth this question:

I need to know something. How many of us are fat? Stats would tell us 3 out of 4 of us are. What are we doing about it? Who used to be fat? Who has always been fat? Who used to be skinny? As I have watched my weight go up, I have convinced myself that I am just getting “buffer”. Until I see that dreaded Mr. Berry College Video. No. You can’t see it. But I did win.
Lot’s of questions. I guess I am just interested in who has succeeded in overcoming that avalanche of unhealthiness our country is facing. I would like to do something before I am fatter and deader. I am sure we all would.

Just wanted to share my reply with you all.

Great topic. I have been "fat" almost all my life (still am). It has shaped who I am in so many ways, negatively and positively. (Sorry if I am stereotyping at any point... it is not intenional.) The negatives are obvious... my self image is terrible: I think I am ugly, that no guy will ever want me as a wife, that I can't do stuff that others can, that I am always being judged b/c I am overweight. The positives are more internal: I have focused more on my spiritual walk, I seek out and have had deep friendships, I strive to prove myself and break the stereotypes and expections people have for me b/c I am "fat".

No, I do not want to be fat. Yes, I take blame for the way I am. No, I never expect to be my "ideal" weight. Yes, I want to be healtier. No, no one else can make that decision for me or make me loose weight. Yes, it helps so much to have help when battling this issue. No, God does not want me to be unhealthy and overweight. Yes, God still loves fat me. He does not love me more if I was skinny or more if I am fat... He will love me the same no matter what I am. Nothing I can ever do will make God love me more or less than right now.

I can talk about the new excerise plan I am on, or how I cook with EVOO instead of butter, but the reason I want to be in better shape is so that I can stay on this earth longer and stronger and serve God more. When I move away from that... it is just a matter of food and excerise... not purpose. Thanks for reading and letting me share!

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Dad said...

Tina! My only begotten daughter...with whom I am well pleased. I love you too and nothing...NOTHING...can or will ever change that. Love ... Dad

Danielle said...

Tina, what a brave post. To be so open and frank with readers about your weight shows your courage and dignity.

If it means anything, all of us have cruddy self-esteem for one reason or's like, we "gotta find something..." So don't be too hard on yourself.

And a man WILL want you for a wife. Take a look around at the married people...they come in all shapes and sizes! So it must be our personalities holding us back...OUCH! hee hee