Tuesday, July 29, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 28 - Rock My World!

For those who haven't heard yet... we have a 5.4 earthquake in Southern California today. I am really close to that Mission Viejo dot.

Even where I was I felt the earth move. This was my first "real" earthquake since I moved to California in March 2003.

I will not give you all the details of what I was doing when the earthquake hit (though my brother will and think its really funny)... but as the floor began to shake... it took me a few seconds to realize what was going on. I was shaking yes, but the rattling was what made it real.

As I look at scripture God uses earthquakes to get people's attention. Earthquakes show God's power, will, and might. I do not think today's earthquake was pointless just b/c nothing broke and no one was hurt. To me it was a God reminder of how God can rock my world. At any point, at any time... He has the power and authority to bring change. This morning I was reading the story of the centurian who asked Jesus to heal his servant. It was his faith in the authority of Jesus that impressed Jesus. I want faith like that. Today's earthquake was just a reminder to me that God has authority over all and I need to have faith in Him and how He chooses to use that authority to affect change in my life. I know God is love and God is good, so I need not worry.

Thanks God for Rocking My World!!


Danielle said...

Wowza! I heard about this big quake. But you must tell us what it was that you were doing when it hit...I'm curious now! hmmmmm.

TiNA said...

Let's just say I was at work, but not at my desk or walking in the hallways or in the lunchroom... and where I was only women are allowed (except to clean it). Figure it out?? Note: I was taking care of #1, not #2... so don' tthink too gross. ;) Hey, you asked!!!
My brother said I will be telling that story to my grandkids someday. I wonder if he'll let me start by telling his kids first :)