Thursday, January 24, 2008

Turning 30 - Burbank

Guess I better wrap up this series since my birthday is next week.


This was a rough time of my life. I started Burbank living in a hotel, then finally found a place for under $1000 a month. It was a 480 sq ft and within walking distance to 5 major studios! I was unemployed most of my time there. Lost 40 lbs living there, but absolutely loved it! Each building had it's own pool and courtyard.

It may have started as an empty room, but that place quickly got filled with people (at one time I had two people staying with me!) and music. This studio apartment became a real studio. It is where we recorded Bridges & Walls by Chris Koch. I also did demos and side projects. I'll never forget getting a whole family around the mic saying "YEAH".

One of my most distinct memories is walking through the neighborhood and seeing press and police one day. They wanted to stop me, but I told them I lived across the street and they let me pass. I turned on the news and saw pictures of that house. The press release was that Bob Hope had just died. I was walking by his house!

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