Monday, April 30, 2007

Singlehood: The Garlic and Onion Life

No matter how much people moan and groan about being single... there are definate perks. Someone brought homemade salsa into the office today. It was very strong on the onion side. Someone made a comment, "Well my husband is out of town today, so I guess I can have some." That is one thing as a single I do not have to worry about. I can eat all the garlic and onions that I want :) Saturday I made for myself garlic, onion, chedder fries. YUMMY!
Then Sunday I just up and went to Knotts Berry Farm. Didn't have to ask any one for permission. Just went. I had a Visa gift card and wanted to go somewhere fun. Now the bummer was I did feel bad going off and not telling anyone where I was, so I did call my roommate and parents just to let them know where I was.

So be single while you are single. Eat that garlic and go do stuff. :)


TiNA said...

Thinking of outlining a book, "Why is it so bad to be single?" Whatcha think?

Marti said...

That would be an interesting book to read. Exploring cultural myths about the non-married life. Very interesting indeed.