Saturday, January 05, 2008

Turning 30 - Part 4

The Blue House:

Well... it use to be blue! This is the house where we move to when I was in 9th grade all the way through my time at USC. It was kinda strange that my brother never lived at this house. He was already off to college and never came back to live at home. My bedroom was peach... and I loved it! Other things I remember here is baby sitting the Blankenships, the beautiful lake, walking to Ingles.

During this time I went to Spartanburg High School.

My favorite classes where orchestra, music theory, AP English, Calculus, and Spanish. This is where I had some great friends: Michelle, Beth, Andrew, Ben, Lauren, and many more. High School is definately a weird time in life, but I made it through. :) Never got to go to the prom, but I'll get over that one day.

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