Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Singlehood: Prayer

Oh Lord,
I know that my worries will not improve my circumstances.
I know my current pains, will not be my forever pains.
I know You cry harder than I do.
I know Your plans are far grander than my dreams.
I know You "get it" when others don't.
I know You can put words to my sobs.
I know You are always faithful even when I am not to You.
I know all of this... and tons more.
Yet, why can I not feel it?
Why do I just feel so empty?
Why do I just feel so hopeless?
What can I do to bridge that gap between my head and heart?
Can I do anything?
Show me, Lord. Teach me, Lord.
I know You are the answer, but what part of You?
The Caring Father?
The Loving Husband?
The Faithful Friend?
The Just and Merciful Judge?
The Watchful Shepherd?
Which One will break through that barrier and connect with me now.
How can I embrace all of You, and give You all of me at the same time?
I guess I just have to do it.
I do!
I do, Father.
I do, Husband.
I do, Friend.
I do, Judge.
I do, Shepherd.
I do, God.
Whatever it is, I do.
I just want my head and heart to match.
So, whatever it is, I do.


megscarson said...

This is beautiful and speaks to the heart of many women walking the single road. Press on! (P.S. I am Megan, Lisa and Riley's friend)

TiNA said...

THANKS, Megan! I do not pretend to be THE voice of singleness... just my voice. So I am glad, though sad you could relate. Press On as well!!

I am hanging strongly onto this scripture lately:
"I will also bless those who commit themselves to the Lord. Who serve Him and love His name. Who worship Him, and who HOLD FAST to My covenant." Isaiah 56:6

TiNA said...

There is an amazing video here based on that scripture:

Danielle said...

Praying for you...