Sunday, April 06, 2008

Singlehood: The Boundless Show

My brother continues to be one of the coolest people in the world. He sent me a link and introduced me to The Boundless Show. I'll put the link at the end or else you will not read the rest that I am going to write and go straight there :)

The Boundless Show explores the world of singles. The host Lisa Anderson is in PR for Focus on the Family and single. Others on the show are single and married. The show begins with a story from the life of Lisa, then they have segments that cover a variety of topics from spiritual formation to online dating. It is highly entertaining and informative. It really stresses mentoring and health. I love how Lisa always brings is back around to singles. The married people try to generalize a lot and she brings it back.

The Boundless show does only really cover the younger singles world (20s and 30s). Most of the singles I interact with at my job are in their 40s and 50s. Don't get me wrong... we have singles of all ages and ministries for all. I just do not hear or find resources for older singles as much. I would love to explore doing a podcast for all singles (if that is possible).

Check it out here:
or search on iTunes for The Boundless Show (it is a free podcast).

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Lisa Anderson said...

Tina, thanks for the shout-out to "The Boundless Show." Glad to hear we have another fan out west! Give us your feedback as you continue to listen, and please visit us if you ever end up in Colorado Springs.

Lisa Anderson

PS: I love your hair, Sarah Kelly AND the cello, so you must be cool!