Friday, October 13, 2006

Nugget of Truth: LA Story

How have I never seen this film before? Ok, I will admit that it is much funnier after having lived in LA for a while. I literally burst into laughter in some parts of the film. When the earthquake hits and no one stops their small talk, the 72 & sunny weather report, when Steve Martin screams "Drive to the Right, on the Right" to the British lady and she responds "I don't think they can here you". These are beautiful cinematic moments!! I will definatley watch this film a few more times before returning it.

But you ask, "Tina, where is my Nugget of Truth?" Well... since you asked. There is a moment in the film when Steve Martin's charater is just overwhelmed with emotion. In his case love. There is a point when the couple is walking down the street. And Steve Martin says something to this effect.

I felt we must continue the small talk. I continued to tell her about my new job as a serious anchorman, but all that my mind was thinking was "wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, most wonderful."

This is one of those awww moments. It is the sweetest and most romantic statement. BUT... there is some truth in it. There are many times where I am overwhelmed by emotions, but continue acting like normal until I can get to a place to process. As an example, last night in Small Group a friend shared her abilities and desire to open and run a home that cares for children taken from their homes who have experienced trama. All I could say was WOW. What an amazing woman. I kept talking and asking questions, but all I was thinking was "wow wow wow wow".

I praise God for those "wonderful" and "wow" moments. It is ok that we don't know how to fully express ourselves in those moments. God knows our hearts without being limited to words. I long for more of those "wonderful wonderful wonderful" moments, for my friends, family, and self.

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Danielle said...

I just LOVE Steve Martin.

Oh yes...and I got my fliers...thanks for doing an awesome job. ; )