Monday, January 07, 2008

Turning 30 - Part 5

Madison, WI:
I bet you thought since we left school and South Carolina... we were done with this series. Nope! The adventure is just begining! After my time at USC (the REAL USC)... I headed to Madison, WI for an internship with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. This was a huge time of growth for me. I was 17 hours from everything and everyone I knew. This is where I learned to be vunerable, was confronted with my struggles with racial reconcilitaion, and learned that I needed to make my faith more personal. I stepped away from the Southern Baptist Denomination to explore the Protosant realm. Don't worry... I return and now work for a Southern Baptist Church ;) This is one of my favorite collages of picture that describe to much the extremes in my life during this time. They just do it through weather.

Me in front of my work... (forgive the quality... I didn't have a
digital camera yet):

Then infront of the house where I lived... (oh I saw so many episodes of the X-files there with Linda):

I had really cheap rent, but in exchage I had to mow the grass in the summer and shovel/plow the snow in the winter. At times I really wish I had the higher rent... it would have been worth it. Especially since the snow plow truck pushed all the snow from the street right in front of our driveway! Oh the memmories... but don't miss it :)

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