Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Singlehood: Life in Theory

I haven't written a singlehood article lately, so I thought I would write this while it was on my heart. I don't know that this is a solely single issue, but I know we as singles are definately more inclined towards it. I feel so often as a single adult that I am living my life in theory instead of reality. I constantly feel like I am playing out the "what ifs", "this could", "will this", "could this", "maybe if", etc. in my head. I wonder if I go to this event if I will meet my future husband? What if I wear this instead of that will it make a difference? Could this be the guy? Will what I am doing really make a difference?

I so often think of my life as a tale that has yet to begin or is on hold. I see myself as Renee Zellwenger or Julia Roberts at the beginning of the movie. That I am just waiting for the real story to begin. That is SO not true and I know it. But yet... life seems so much easier to live out in theory than for real.

I can look at my friends or those around me and have the best advice. Though when I am caught up in a similiar situation... it is like their struggles meant nothing. I always see what I am going through as different and unrelated... though it is the EXACT same thing!

Don't get me wrong... this does not mean that I lightly make decisions. It is just the opposite. I know that every decision is a pathway, not a moment. I pre-write the story for my life based on the decision I make. But isn't that just another way of living in theory? Just b/c I choose to work here or go out on a date with someone... that is all it is at that time. It is not the pathway to a multi-million dollar estate or a happy marriage. It could be, but it also could not be. I feel like I am rambling, so I will wrap here for now. I just wish more singles would live in the now versus the "might be"... starting with myself.

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