Sunday, December 16, 2007

Singlehood: Mr. Right

Clayton encouraged us last night to make a list of what Mr. Right (or Mrs. RIght, if you are a guy) would look like. Then to pray for that person everyday. By keeping them in your prayers, it would help to recognize them when they come along.

I have made lists before, but in an attempt to not obssess, I do not pray for my future husband everyday. What hit me last night is that it is not obsession, but love. I pray for others I love everyday, why would I not want to pray for my husband everyday. So I want to start even without a name to attach to it. After #1 there is no particular order to them... it is pretty much as I think of them I type them :)

1. Hungers to know and follow Christ - growing Christian
2. Servant-leader
3. Has no problem taking out the garbage and changing dirty diapers
4. Honorable
5. Courageous
6. Socially, Emotionally, and Mentally intelligent
7. Loving and Kind
8. Funny/Witty
9. Serves in church
10. A heart and passion for missions
11. Embraces diversity (in all areas, but especially cultural)
12. Peaceable - can bring peace and calm to circumstances
13. Is not easily angered
14. Giving of time and money
15. Strong work ethic and successful at career
16. Likes to travel and see new places
17. Appreciates music
18. Likes movies
19. Is interested in me and persuing me in a dating relationship
20. Wants to stay sexually and emotionally pure until marriage
21. Be a life long learner

I am sure there is more to add... and I will add them :) I wanted to publish this list so that I can declare to the world this is what I am praying my Mr. Right possesses, but also so that all of you can hold me accountable. This list is non-negotable. Nothing on here can be lacking. That does not mean that he must be perfect... that is impossible. I am not perfect... and I know that he will not be perfect, but these are traits that come from the depth of him (except maybe #3 - that is more b/c I don't like to do it and some will have to). I see so many people settle. I do not want to do that. I do not believe that honors God. So join me in prayer for the man who fits these traits. Pray that my eyes will be open when a man like this who is single comes into my life. That I will recognize him for who he is and he will see the traits he is looking for in me.

To be honest... I have meet many men who fulfill this list, but they are already married. Good job wives!!

PS- If you are the man descirbed above and are interested in giving me a shot at being your Mrs. Right... PLEASE let me know!!! ;) Hehe.

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