Thursday, May 01, 2008


Sorry there have not been any blogs lately. I am in Atlanta (well... Norcross) where our small groups team is putting on a conference this week. Yesterday I was "on" all day. Today I am done with my main job (Tina the polling Girl). Now I can rest a little more and enjoy the conference.

I am sitting in the graphics room while Bishop Sherwood Carthen is preaching. Just some sound bytes:

Amen, by myself. -> my favorite!
You are not good enough!
It is suppose to be hard, so you'll trust Me, not yourself.
You're going to make me "open up a can of preach on you"!
God don't work on time. He don't work like we work. You don't need time, you need him.

Amazing sermon!!!! Makes me want to move to Sacromento! :)

Hope to check in more now. My mom is coming down tomorrow. Yippee!


Carlos said...

It was GREAT seeing you this morning. Made me miss home.

Danielle said...

hahaha! Loved this. (and thanks for the honorable mention...)