Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hi, My Name is Tina... and I'm the polling girl.

Today started our Wired: Small Group Conference at church. Seeing the ministry I work for is under small groups, I was on deck for "whatever" needed to be done. Yesterday I got put on running this automated polling system. It is pretty cool. The company who makes it is called Turning Point. It is an instant polling system where everyone is given a remote and vote real-time on a question and then can see the results immediately. People were really liking it. Ok... enough of the commercial (they are not paying me to promote)... now to the story.

So I had to figure out this software and get it running yesterday. The software is a plugin to PowerPoint, so it was pretty easy to learn. Making all the slides and making sure the colors were visible from the audience... that was a little tougher. But it all worked out. The funniest part is that whenever we did a poll the emcee would say "Ok Tina, show us the results". I am off stage, no one could actually see me... but I started having people come up to me at the conference saying, "Oh, you're the Tina!!" By the end of the day... I was a mini celeb. Quite funny. I felt like I should start introducing myself as "Hi, my name is Tina and I'm the polling girl. Yep... THE Tina."

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Anonymous said...

Tina the Polling Lady! Wow! My little girl goes to California and lands fame to claim...the Polling Girl.

By the way (or is that BTW?) we had this software at the AICPA Conference in Tampa last year. It was really neat. All the men wanted to participate...sort of akin (is akin a word?) to the TV remote which gives us guys POWER. And the ladies finally got to have a remote of their own. We got instant results in a graph format. It was a cute toy. What I found out was that you had to read the questions carefully. They could be asked with a bias that seemed to be leaning in a direction rather than seeking literal answers. But we highly educated humans are easily tricked.