Saturday, April 26, 2008

Pentecost for the Taste Buds

So I was telling Danielle about the soda machine drama at work. We use to have a Pepsi dispenser, but it was costing too much, so they switched to Coke. The drama began when they put Caffeine Free Diet Coke as the only diet option. There was an uproar. A week or so later it was magically changed to regular Diet Coke. This was greeted with massive approval. Then a month later... no more diet Coke... Coke Zero appeared out of no where. You would have thought that it was poison. That day people where walking around handing out Diet Coke in cans and it was the main topic of conversation. Coke Zero did not last 24 hours. I was back to Diet Coke the next day.

As I was telling Danielle the story she asked if anyone wished that the water that Jesus turned into wine was a chardonnay instead of a merlot. Now... I do not know what kind of wine Jesus made. The point was that everyone seemed happy with it. That is when I came up with the idea if the wine was like a pentecost for the taste buds. Did it just taste to each person the best of what they wanted. Ok... that is not Biblical... just a thought.

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