Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Pizza Pizza Pizza... Days 11 & 12

Not much new going on diet-wise. Still loosing a little bit each day and trying to make the restricted diet as exciting as I can. The one thing that has surprised me is what I am craving most. Of course if I see or smell something, I crave it... but am doing a good job (so far) of reminding myself why I am doing this. I think it helps that when I do it, halfway through my meal or snack I am full again, so I am not really hungry for this stuff... just want it.

The biggest surprise is my craving for pizza. I know I like pizza, but it is on my mind all the time. And you know when something is on your mind it makes you see it everywhere. I see people eating pizza on tv (even in The Middle episode tonight pizza was a huge part of the story), billboards, even radio commercials (yes... there was a Little Caesars commercial on the Christian radio station on my way home!!). I don't know what I would do if someone walked in with a Parma's cheese pizza right now. Am I that strong?

So... how can I get my mind off pizza? I don't think blogging about it will help. Oh well. Good pizza... I mean Good Night!


Anonymous said...

When I stopped eating meat I used to dream of hamburgers...years later, I was completely disinterested in them. Even though I eat burgers now, I don't "crave" them. Be good to yourself while you "grieve" the loss of Little Ceasars! ~Danielle

Anonymous said...

Tina, Are you allowed to have mushrooms and tomatoes? I myself hate mushrooms- however I love portabellos with tomato sauce and cheese maybe a little fresh herbs and vegan cheese? This might take the edge off a bit. Love you and are so pround of you wish I could come to Texas and see you : )