Monday, January 03, 2011

Down & Up... Days 9 & 10

As you can tell, I am not posting every time how much weight I have lost. That may seem weird to you if you are reading all these posts. I know you are dying to know. If you ask, I will tell... but I learned an important lesson yesterday.

When I stepped on the scale days 8 & 9... it showed 2 ounces of loss each day. I stepped on looking for 2 pounds, not 2 ounces to be gone!! To be honest it was a blow. I have memories of some of the guys in the office coming in each day and comparing their daily loss during their first week. They would brag about loosing 2 or 3 pounds a day. Here I was two days in a row loosing 2 ounces. It didn't seem fair.

On Sunday morning another guy who just finished his maintenance stage of the diet after loosing almost 70 pounds, asked me how it was going. I shared my frustration with him. He told me that his wife had about the same results. He reminded me that a man and woman's bodies handle things differently, but most of all he reminded me that "comparison is a thief of joy".

It is so true... comparison is a thief of joy. My weight had not gone up, it went down. I had gotten more active in those days. And I did not cheat, I stayed with the habits that I am trying to build. I began to rejoice in those things. Rejoice in the lessons (see my last post for some of those) I am learning.

Today, though I was nervous about my first full day at work on the diet, it went well. I was a little slow, but not sure if that was the diet, being gone for a week, or that I have a ton to do. And though this morning the scale told me I had lost 2 pounds and I rejoiced in that, I know I would have rejoiced in 2 ounces as well.

Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, Rejoice. - Philippians 4:4


BNTonnu said...

Yes, dear Tina. Thank you for Sharing the story and paying not attention to the comparing.
May the Lord bless you with good health and guide each of us on how to take care of His temple daily. One oz or two oz are still good results in the right direction my friend.
Love you.

Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing for what you have done and for what God has in store for you. Love, Danielle