Sunday, December 26, 2010

Well... It Begins... Load it Up! (Day 1 & 2)

Well 2 days into the HCG plan. The first two days are load days... meaning you eat lots of fatty and sugary food. This was not a problem yesterday as I Christmas party hopped. Today it was harder... 1.) b/c I was on my own for every meal and 2.) b/c I am not really hungry. But I had McDonalds for breakfast, Panda Express for lunch, leftovers and some snack size candy bars for dinner... so I hope that was enough. I have heard people wish they loaded more. I guess I won't find out if enough was enough for a few days.

One thing that totally makes sense, but I didn't think about before is that after load day #1 I gained 4.5 pounds. Is weird to see the scale go up so much when you are trying to make it go down. I know it will... just didn't think how these two days would effect things.

I was talking with Janine today... who had a very interesting and encouraging dream about "skinny" TiNA... and I was sharing with her how though I have wanted or tried to loose weight so many times before, the timing now seems so perfect. I have so much support from family to friends to my small group to others who have done this plan to my doctor and his staff. Sure... I can fail, things can happen, but I cannot imagine having more love and support and encouragement. What I love is that no one is saying "Yes, you are fat, you need to loose weight." (even subconsciously) Instead they are encouraging my decision and offering support, advice, and prayers. I think I am going to start calling you all Team TiNA :) God has placed each member of Team TiNA in my life for this time... I cannot imagine a better team to have. Keep on cheering!!

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BNTonnu said...

Dear Tina:
As we kick off "Decade of Destiny" at Saddleback church - I am so glad that I will belong to team Tina for this coming decade - 2011 -2020 (*_*).
Miss you and miss seeing you playing right in front of our choir .
Have a wonderful decade dear Tina. I love you.