Monday, December 27, 2010

Well... Day One Done... Day 3

Ok, so it's not officially day one, but it is the first of the restricted diet. I made it. It actually wasn't that hard... yet. I can see how it will be though. How the options that I see now, will be old news soon and what looks like variety, will look like limits.

What I am most proud of today is not cleaning out my fridge, but as I was preparing my meals for this week, I did not snack while cooking. I do love cooking and enjoyed trying to vary the way to prepare 2oz portions of pork and chicken. I have some rosemary pork, garlic chicken, and vegetable salads ready to go. I was surprised how much 3 cups of veggies actually is. It looks like a lot when you start, but I am sure my perception will change on that soon. :)

I probably won't write everyday, but do want to keep you up on how things are going, what I am learning along the way, and what struggles I face. I do this not to brag and not as a cry for attention, but so that you can join me in this process and know how to best pray for me.

If you'd like me to pray for you, I'd love to do that too. Message me on Facebook, email me, or comment on a post and I'd consider it joy to pray for you as well!!

Love, TiNA

In case you were wondering... here is what I ate today:
1 Sliced apple for breakfast
3oz of Tuna, 3cups Spring Lettuce Mix, 1TB Walden Farms Dressing for lunch
3cups Cucumber & Radish Slices with 1TB of vinegar (Quite YUMMY!) for snack
2oz rosemary pork tenderloin, 3cups snow pea pods steamed & green tea with 1 stivia packet for dinner
1 sliced apple heated with cinnamon and 1 stivia packet for snack

My new fridge:

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Anonymous said...

So incredibly proud of you!