Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas and HCG Eve

The night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring NOT EVEN A MOUSE (cause I would freak out if one did!!). Anyway... The night before I go on HCG and here are some thoughts...

1. I am nervous. I know once I start... that's it... I am committed. I am not someone who is scared of commitment, just likes options. I am glad there is a set eating plan, but not menu during the next 6 weeks. That will give me the freedom I need to make it exciting, even if it is restricting.
2. I am excited! The meds have been in my fridge for a week and I am ready to get them out and get this all going.
3. I love the irony that I want to loose weight so as not to get type 2 diabetes and have to take injections... so I am taking a different daily injection to prevent this.
4. I want to make sure I use the next two days wisely. The first two days on injections you can eat whatever you want... you are actually in a way suppose to over eat and have fatty foods. I know this won't be a problem, but I definitely want to use these days wisely. Not as a good bye to foods... that just doesn't seem emotionally right to me.

And lastly.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I know the gift I am giving myself will be the best I have ever given... a healthier and happier me. May sound selfish, but in some ways... it is about time. I gladly give my time, energy and talents to others... without thinking of my own health, so this is a HUGE step for me. I just have to keep in mind it is not just for me... but a healthy me can better serve others too.


Amy C said...

We love you Tina and will be with you every step of the way. Load good! Force it if you have to - it really will help keep the hunger at bay in the long run. It's the thing most say they wish they had done better. Merry Christmas!!!!
-Amy C

Lena said...

I'm proud of you for letting us journey with you. Nothing like a little accountability to help keep you motivated! Praying for your success and to find the changes you're looking for. We love you!