Wednesday, December 29, 2010

3 down!... Days 4 & 5

3 pounds down from my starting weight or 7.5 if you count from the end of my load day. Things are going well... there are times in the day where I want to walk in the kitchen and grab something to eat. Most of the time, I don't... I know I can only have so much and I am trying to space it out so as not to go to bed too hungry.

There are times where my stomach starts rumbling... and I am not sure what to do. It gurgles a bit when I start eating too. I am sure as this diet becomes more of the norm, I will learn more about my body, how food effects it, and what is hungry versus yearning.

I have gotten so much support with texts, visits, emails, and calls... THANK YOU!! I know this will be a roller coaster, but I know that support will remain constant.

Also, I know this is a discipline, not a diet. I found it fitting that my Day 1 of 365 reading in the Bible had this verse:

Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and discipline. -Proverbs 1:7

I do not want to be a fool. And though I may not like this discipline... I know it is a way of learning. Learning more about who God made me to be.

Diet Learnings:
Egg whites mixed with crushed mustard seed, dill, salt and pepper... it's like a healthy egg salad
Iced Green tea with Stivia (Since drinking this I don't have the headaches)
Cucumber, Radish, and Celery slices with salt, pepper, and 1TBSP of vinegar
Apples sliced with cinnamon and stivia microwaved for 90seconds... quite yummy!

Cottage Cheese and Cucumbers in the same meal (Though tomatoes and cottage cheese works, I switched it out after trying the first combination. i want to try it with basil and the Walden Farms Balsamic to see if it will make a sort of tomato mozzarella salad)
Only getting 1 TBSP of Salad Dressing/Vinegar... but since I only get 2TBSPs a day... I split it between the two meals or a snack.

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