Thursday, December 23, 2010


Before I begin to blog the how (as in "how's it going?") I want to take a moment for the why.

Why do a someone extreme weight loss program? Why now? Why not do it the "old fashion way"... you know diet and exercise?

Well... to answer the last question first... I will have to change diet and exercise to make the weight loss stick long term, so I am doing that too. The reasons for doing HCG are many. I'll start with the obvious:

1. I am overweight... not just a little, but a lot.
2. My weight is effecting my health and ability to do things.
3. I have seen others go through the program and do quite well.
4. I have a doctor who deeply cares for his patients and those in ministry.
5. It helps to restart habits and how the body processes food.
6. B/c I can.

HCG is a hormone that women create when they are pregnant. It tells the body to use stored fat to feed the baby. On the diet you take a very low dose of this... same as if I were 1 day pregnant. While on the medicine I have a very strict low calorie diet I HAVE to stick to. If I do not, I will gain more weight than I would not on the meds. This is not an FDA approved medicine. I will be monitored weekly by a doctor and I have a TON of support from friends who have gone through this, or who just flat out love me.

So why not?!

The only reasons not to is my fears of what I will learn about myself and food, of loosing the safety net of being overweight, my laziness at not wanting to preplan food, cause I can't do what I want to do... I have to do what the program tells me to do,... All of these are pretty selfish reasons.

So what do I hope to get out of this?
Though I have an amount I'd like to loose... my real goal is for my size to not stop me from doing things... primarily missions. The thought of seating in an airplane seat for 22 hours is bad enough without a seat belt poking into your hip and leaving bruises. It has been stopping me from going back to Rwanda... and that's not right. So... Rwanda... here I come!

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