Monday, September 15, 2008

My first day...

So today was officially my first day in my new job. And... it wasn't that different than other days. I started the day in meetings, then got put on a project that was actually assigned out last week. What I didn't realize was that it got announced from stage that this would be happening and that made it a priority. So I spent most of my day on that.

I feel until I have a replacement decently trained... a "start date" really doesn't matter. We'll see if I feel the same way tomorrow after meeting with my two new bosses (well... they were my bosses b4, I was just one more removed).

Pray that as I get overwhelmed between the old and the new that I will find peace and rest in God. Pray that I will know when to say no and when to say "please wait".

All in all... at least there were people around the first day of this job. My first day at Saddleback with my old job Clayton, Rick Z, Derek, and Kerri (the whole singles team and my bosses) were out. But that is the day I solidified my forever relationship with Lisa Bee!!


Anonymous said...

"Firsts" in life are like..."the only begotten". They do leave a deep impression upon our memories. My first mission trip to Chile is marked with precision. I even kept the boarding passes and napkins from the airlines, as I traveled. Today is another story.

So thank God for the "first day" once again. Place it into the scrap book of memories from which you can draw from the well for Jesus so that you and others can drink the water that never leaves one thirsty again.

Your father loves you and lives his life through you.


Lisa Marie said...

Forever friendship. It's true.