Sunday, September 14, 2008

I have a new job

Monday is my official start of a new job at Saddleback. I am now the Small Group Team Community Specialist. Since that tells no one what I am actually doing... here are some actual things I will be doing in the new role:

1.) the monthly eNewsletter to all small group hosts
2.) making sure fresh content is on all the small group ministry blogs
3.) producing video training curriculum for small group hosts
4.) producing,editing podcasts
5.) developing and implementing an online small group strategy (this one is huge)

I am sure there is more that I am forgetting at this moment.

Here is the problem... I don't have a replacement yet. So pray as this new job starts that I can balance between starting the new and finishing the old. Pray my replacement will learn quickly and my training will be clear and loving. I know my new supervisor wants me to get started on those roles listed above, but I also know we all want the singles and post-college ministries to remain solid.

Pray as my new role gets communicated to those who I was working with. As my replacement comes in that they will give her grace and will lavish love on her as they have on me. Pray as my role develops that I can use those gifts and talents God has given me to His glory and to further His kingdom. Pray for my relationship with my new supervisor... that it will be productive and fruitful. THANKS!!

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