Tuesday, September 16, 2008

40 Days of Love - Day 1: Laura

For the next 40 Days I am going to try and write every day about a different relationship I have in my life. If you have been to Saddleback Church recently you will know that we just started 40 Days of Love. During the next 40 days we will focus on loving others how Jesus loves. This is my attempt to live this out virtually. I guess I could call this 40 Days of Shoutouts!!

Laura... who does not have a picture posted online... Laura is the cool new kid on the block at work. She started just a little over a month ago in the same department where I work. Laura has got to be one of the coolest people I have ever met. To talk to her is to want to keep talking to her. She even read Twilight. Come on... she is off the cool scale for that one.

Well today she shared that she reads my blog (see... I said cool!). She said that it was so sad that she sits near me all day yet has to read my blog to find out what is really going on in my life. I reassured her that I am much more interesting and thought provoking on my blog than I ever am in person, so she was not missing much. Nah... just that on the blog I have had time to process what I could not in the moment... and that seeing both she really is getting to see the whole me.

What I loved about her comment though was that it showed that she really wants to know me. For someone who fears intimacy... that was a huge gesture of love.

Laura... you are an amazing leader. Your courage and bravery to stand up and do not only what is right, but in faith what God has asked of you is inspiring. You are a great mother (I miss Matthew in the office throwing paper at me) and wife (I am guessing there since I haven't met your hubby yet). We are so blessed to have you on the team and I am SOO excited about getting to know you better. Praying for you and Love you!!

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Lisa Marie said...

Laura is definitely the coolest!!!