Saturday, September 13, 2008

What Do I Have Against Pachelbel?

Well... nothing really against him... I just don't like to play Pachelbel's Cannon. If you can read music you can see why in this picture below:The violins get all these pretty parts that build and make the song so beautiful. The cellist gets the same 2 bars over and over again 28 times. I literally would have nightmares in college that included this song. My co-worker when I was music librarian at Shandon Baptist in Columbia would throw the cello part into random songs he arranged, just to irritate me.

So if anyone saw my Twitter about cellist's hell... playing Pachelbel's Cannon would definitely be part of it. Sorry to all those who read who love the song and had or want it at their wedding. It is pretty... just not to a cellist... well... me.

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