Sunday, July 06, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 5 - Singleness

If you glance at the left column and see all the singles articles and my struggles with being single, you may ask why I have a praise for singleness. It is not for all the reasons the world praises singleness, that's for sure.

Instead I praise God for my singleness because that is where I am suppose to be right now. I am humbled and blessed that my singleness has been able to help so many others. As I speak with other singles on the phone, via email, at events, on blogs, etc... it is a blessing to listen, share, and be able to emphasize.

I have also been blessed to find others who have singleness in the right perspective. People like BeachGirl in her post here and the women in my small group. I am reminded time and time again of what I don't have: a husband, children, a husband's income, companionship, etc, but I also see what I do have. I have amazing friends, freedom to go wherever God calls, a supportive family, and most of all... I have completeness in Christ. That is what God wants me to hold on to now.

PS- Plus I have become a pro at the setup the camera on timer and run into the shot photography style... see:


beachgirl said...

Indeed it is so easy to focus on what we don't have; yet I believe contentment and longings are not mutually exclusive - we can be truly happy while longing for something yet to come - this is not easy to explain sometimes, but that is something I've been learning.

Danielle said...

Singleness looks good on you! And don't take that the wrong way!