Saturday, July 05, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 4 - Media

If anyone knows me, it will be no surprise that I love media. Don't get me wrong... there are a lot of terrible shows and media has been used for much evil in this world. But there are also great moments that have been created or captured then spread through media. Media can't inspire, but the message can. Media is a tool. It takes skill, creativity, and patience.

Here is a recent example of how media can inspire and encourage us to be unashamed of who God created us to be:

When Andrew is asked how he responds when he is bullyed, his response is “I carry on singing.”

Jesus used parables to get messages across. The discipled preached. Today we use YouTube videos, podcasts, twitter feeds, powerpoint presentations, and much more. If we have good news (which we have the BEST NEWS)... I praise God that we have a means to share it!

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