Sunday, July 20, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 19 - Sunblock

Once again I did a day filled with outdoor activities and forgot to put on sunblock. I totally deserve all the pain I am in and will be in tomorrow. It is just sad. I bought some finally. Then I put it in my theme park bag. That would have worked great seeing I had my theme park bag with me when we went to the Orange County Fair today. Thing is... I took it out of the bag and put it in my car at our last singles picnic. I did not drive Allison did, so it was well out of reach by the time I realized we were going to be standing in line in the sun for an hour and a half... and even more so when the seats for the demolition derby were in the sun. That meant 3 hours in the sun with nothing but a ball cap and sunglasses.

The sun wears me out!! But I did want to post a few pictures of what I was experiencing while getting that beautiful sunburn:

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