Monday, July 21, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 20 - Lisa!!!

So I get the question all the time... "who is that blond girl in all your pictures?" Well ladies and gentlemen... THAT IS LISA!!! There is no one in the world like her! I knew from the moment we met (which was pretty awkward) that we would be friends. On my first day of work when Clayton, Rick Z, Derek and Kerri had abandoned me... Lisa was there to give me the "Well... I don't know anyone in this area, so let's just skip it" office tour. I now have a whole Facebook Album just of pictures of Lisa and I (Called Lisa and Me)on all our adventures. For someone whose love language is quality time... boy does Lisa speak it loudly. She is my refuge in this office, a Disney/Starbucks Run buddy, but much more... she is a best friend and Godly woman! I love her so much.

Over the last two years I have seen Lisa grow. She has so many qualities that I admire and desire. I know the difference she has made in so many lives and also that there are many more lives she has yet to touch. The best part is that though she can be serious, deep, and heartfelt it will all be dropped in an instant if High School Musical, Hairspray, or Carrie Underwood starts playing so that we can sing along.

Praise God for Lisa!!

1 comment:

Lisa Marie said...

You forgot to say that I like long walks on the beach and post my number haha.

Love you Tina!!

PS Our first meeting wasn't THAT awkward!