Saturday, July 19, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 18 - Experiementing

As I write this post I am in Tent 2 at Saddleback Church and it is 9:50pm. Normally on the 3rd weekend of the month we have an event after our normal worship service for singles. This month we just tried something new. It was a speed dating type mixer event. The focus was not to meet a guy or girl to date, but to glorify God through relationships. Making sure that no one went unconnected and unwelcome. It was a tremendous success. Overwhelming actually. After the mixer part was over and the food lines were gone there were still over 110 people. That is more than we have when Clayton speaks (but I am not going to rub that in his face or anything). I had to add 15 more pizzas to my food order as well at the last minute.

It was fun to try something new, letting it be weird, and watching God work. Throughout the night Clayton did heart checks from the stage... I know that made many more comfortable. It will be interesting to see the feedback we get from this event. But I praise God for Clayton and his willingness to just try something new.

What a night! :)

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Lisa Marie said...

I wasn't there, but I can relate to the "try something new, let it be weird, and watch God work" comment!!