Friday, July 18, 2008

30 Days of Praise: Day 17 - Facebook

There was something about MySpace that always bothered me, but I did it anyway. I started to connect with old friends, high school folks, etc... but it was too wild. Too many songs automatically playing, flashing backgrounds, and always questionable content.

Then came along Facebook. Facebook has it flaws and I am growing tired of the endless advertisements on my left column asking me if I am looking for Christian single men... Of course I am!! :)

I have been able to reconnect with so many friends, keep up with people from the ministry I work with, and my sister-in-law just joined, so I hope to see more what she is doing.

The cool part is how Facebook (and twitter and blogs) has allowed me to remain active in my friends (and now family's) life. When I do call or hear from them I already know what is going on in their lives. I can carry on a meaningful conversation and with out all the chit-chat that normally happens just catching up.

The other bonus is that it tells me when my friends birthdays are, so I have been able to be a part of that more in people's lives. I am so bad remembering those details.

Praise God for Facebook... and that it is not just cool technology, but a way to deepen and maintain relationships. That is what is really important.

For those who don't know what facebook is... here is a really fun video for you. And for those who do know.. this is hilarious!!! Enjoy!

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