Thursday, January 10, 2008


How when you had something so great, can you be excited about transitioning to something that just seems "ok" or like "it could work"?

That is what I am having to work through in so many ways these days.

Drama really makes for good TV, but makes for a tearful and hard life.


Marti said...
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Marti said...

I don't think you force excitement. Instead you have to grieve - cry, be angry, sad, irritated, frustrated, worried, but in the end trusting that God will provide the next great thing. Not easy. Not always fun. But you have to let go or you can't move on. Letting go doesn't mean forgetting, minimizing, ignoring, cutting out or dismissing. Letting go means making room for the next great thing, allowing emotional space to move forward, being grateful that God in his wonderful love allowed for it to begin with. Much easier said that done.