Friday, January 11, 2008

What I like about Keith Green 2

What moves me about Keith Green:

2. His musicianship. One of the reasons I believe God can speak so powerfully through Keith is because the music does not get in the way. It is a vessel, just like Keith himself, to bring us to the very feet of Jesus. His talent and skill behind a keyboard is amazing, but not distracting. Before Keith was a Christian this was the attitude:

It seemed to me the worst part about performing was having to sell yourself. Being so vunerable. When you don't measure up, nothing eases the sickening feeling that maybe it's not just your act that isn't good enough. Maybe it's you.

After he became a Christian and started his ministry his attitude toward music completely changed. Keith's goal was to disappear on stage. During some powerful times in Tulsa during a ORU revial Keith spent most of the time under the piano. Melody writes about the moment just before Keith goes under the piano:

Keith was softly playing the piano, not even looking at the people. his gaze was focused upward, on the Lord. No one was focused on Keith, either. People were on their faces crying out to God.

What a difference!! A value and worth to a musician only God and serving Him can bring. Keith was an incredible musician, but more than that... he let his music get out of the way for God. Now to me that is true musicianship!

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