Thursday, January 10, 2008

What I like about Keith Green 1

I know it is rare for me to mention a book that does not include "Harry Potter" in the title, but I am reading the life story of Keith Green and there is so much in there to share! This is truly an amazing book about an annointed prophet. I have been touched and challenged by the lyrics and sermons God used Keith to communicate to the world. It is named after his second album, No Compromise.

I still have the last 100 pages to go... and I know how the story ends. His early death (along with two of his children) already weighs heavily on my heart. Melody (his wife) tells the story through her own memories, Keith's lyrics, and writings Keith made in his journals. I feel like I know Melody so well. I want to call her up and invite her to tea. She is so open and vunerable in the telling of this story!

What moves me most about Keith Green:

1. How as a husband he truly is the spiritual leader of his family. Whenever he has a breakthrough with God, a calling, a struggle... the first person he goes to after God is his wife. He wants to see her have that breakthrough, have the calling and pray for the stuggle. In his journals he prays for his wife and son. He also gives them up and over to God. It is a beautiful example that seems so rare. The glimpse into their spiritual intamcy is awe inspiring. I want a man who leads me to God like that and in that way!

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