Friday, December 21, 2007

Where the answers can be found... the On Demand Freezone!

When you are sick in bed for 3 days straight... ya watch a lot of TV. So when there is nothing on the regular channels and you have Cox digital cable... you might want to venture to 001 On Demand. It is not all paid TV. There is a ton of free stuff on there. I found this a few months ago when I was missing Bionic Woman and found I could watch old episodes for free on 001.

They have tons of stuff on the Freezone. Marti found a great Iconomists with the owner of Starbuck and the Owner of the Declaration of Independence. There is also Planet Earth episodes... and even a little Steve Colbert!

So as I was clicking around two days ago, I found under special interests a section called "The Singles Life". My curiosity peaked. Come on it's free how bad could it be... plus I work in singles ministry... this was really work... right?

So the choice of shows ranged from "How to Flirt" to "Blind Dating" to "Master the Game". I could not believe my eyes. The answers to all my dating questions there on the Cox On Demand Freezone!

So I started with "How to Flirt". I was in hysterics... I actually still am just remembering. Some celebrity relationship advisory (whose chest hair is popping out of the top of his half buttoned shirt) comes on and teaches us... (well... really in a slimy - GET AWAY FROM ME - type of way)... the difference between hitting on a girl and flirting with a girl. Both his co-star and myself really didn't see the difference. It gets better. There are 3 Field Trips where he goes out with 3 different guys and coaches them on their flirting techniques. There was everything from the shy guy in the book store to the all too smooth guy who "got the girl's number" in a bar scene. It was like watching the outtakes from the movie Hitch.

After that I clicked to the "Master the Game" documentary. 3 seconds of a short awkward looking bald guy with no wedding ring in a room teaching a seminar to other guys how to find the right woman... and I was done. I felt like I was going to throw up and it didn't have anything to do with the stomach flu I was getting over.

It seems the Freezone is not where I am going to find all my relationship answers. Guess I gotta keep trying God. :)


Anonymous said...

Arrrrg! It seems like they should pay YOU to watch that mess. Glad to see your conclusion. And just remember that the only guys you can date must be from.....the upstate of ..... South Carolina.

Anonymous Reader

Don said...

Sounds like this wasn't FREE for you at cost you time that you could have been spending doing something much more rewarding!

There is a reason this is advertised as FREEzone.

TiNA said...

Wow.. the "men" in my life chimed in here :) I didn't mention that all these shows totaled about 15 minutes. So don't think I was watching these for hours and hours. It was worth the time just to have something fun to post on my blog. :)