Thursday, December 20, 2007

Reminder to Rest

No matter how bored I am... I was reminded today about the importance of rest. I got up to my alarm this morning and went into work. I only lasted about 2.5 hours. I could not concentrate, I was shivering, weak, and faint. I was so worried about getting stuff done and wanting to get out of the house, that I forgot to take care of myself. Once I got home I literally crashed... I was out. Another fever broke and I slept almost 5 hours. Marti had another bad day too. She was home when I got here. She attempted to go to the doctor, but could not even make it out the door.

I am doing better, but I still need to take it easy. Today reminded me of that. Some reminders only take once to learn. Others take more (... I will probably try to go to work again tomorrow... just have two projects to complete...) so this will probably take me more than one time. But I hope not... I hope that I have more courage tomorrow to follow my instincts.

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