Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Phone Call From Above

So... last night I was lying in bed after just emptying the contents of my stomach for the 5th time... I get a call from Marti. She is upstairs suffering from the same stomach flu. To think we are both going through being sick, in the same house and did not know it. We did not have the energy to traverse the stairs to talk to each other, so we just chatted on the phone for about 20 minutes instead.

Here is what Marti wrote about this: here.

We are both doing better, though I still have a fever. So glad I got that flu shot this year... guess it didn't cover stomach flu. :(


Anonymous said...

Okay, now imagine that horrible feeling going on for 6 weeks, and vomiting does NOT help. That's what it's like to be pregnant! Thankfully there was an end to that for me and now I'm feeling great! Hope you're feeling better SOON! Renee

TiNA said...

Hope Andres is taking good care of you! He better be... you give me a call if he isn't... I'll drop everything and be up there to take care of you and that baby!

Do we know the baby's sex yet? Yeah yeah I know you are up in the Bay area and that can change whenever, but anyway ;)