Monday, October 29, 2007

Wedding Gig this Weekend

I am playing a wedding this weekend. It is a pretty short ceromony, but it should be fun. They asked for Pachabel's Cannon and the Bach Suite 1 Prelude. Not sure how I am going to pull of a song that is suppose to be in round with just me playing, but I am hoping she will walk down the aisle quick enough that it will not be an issue. Also on the play list: Ave Maria, Bach 1 Menuet 1 and 2, Bach Menuet No 3, Beethoven Menuet in G, Chanson Triste,La Cinquantaine, and of course the swan. Those are all good ones I remember from high school, simple and sweet... that is what I would want at my wedding, so that is what I am giving them. Just hope the wind doesn't blow all my music away. :)

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Anonymous said...

The cannon? The suite? And menuets? And your wedding? Hey...let your dear old dad know when you get married...and hey, where'd you learn all that foreign language stuff? Oh yeah, does the couple want a duet? I think I still have my $6.25 Honer Harmonica!