Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My MINI is too big, I want a Peel P50!

Ok... it is kinda long... but I was cracking up the whole time!

If you have to pick and choose watch the first minute and a half, then fast forward to 3:20. It is worth it!! At 6 minutes you find out that it doesn't reserve! 6:30 on is a great sequence of him driving through the halls in the BBC. It is beautifully edited. If you can make it through 8:10 it is worth it! (you might have to click on the video and go to the youtube version to get these timings, sorry)

Makes me want to go to England again!!

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Sircellan said...

Hilarious!! We're actually considering getting rid of our car once Mariella starts school next September. We just won't need it. It has cost us about 1500 UKP this year, and there's no way train and bus fares will match that.