Monday, October 29, 2007

Confessions: I LOVE BOBA

I do not know the reason, but I love boba drinks. I actually crave them... I am craving it right now! I recently had a friend say that boba is only for those 16 and under. I TOTALLY disagree. I will go out of my way to hit up the Lollicup in Irvine.

There is something about eating your drink that just seems so right. For those who are unclutured here is what a boba is:

It is placed in the bottom of a drink. You drink with a large straw that sucks up the boba as well as the drink. My favorite is the pina colada slush with boba (of course). You have to be careful (especially your first time) not to choke on the boba. I guess I like how filling they are, more than just a drink, and the mix of textures does not bother me. I admit, my first boba was difficult. It seemed so weird to not get a full gulp of drink, but this totally grew on me. If you want more drink, pull the straw up. If you want more boba, move it all the way down.

To top it off, Lollicup even seals the cup with their own sealing device. That just adds to the coolness. I know I am late getting into the boba game, but I have made up for it. It is my favorite post-Disney treat.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! My baby girl goes to California and now she's gone wild. Drinking "AND" dancing and stuff. I'll have to send her brother, Bubba, out there to bring her home. But thinking again...I'd hate to see Bubba get adicted to Bolba like my Baby has done. Dog gone it...I knew that California smoke would cloud her mind. Next thing ya know she'll wantta buy one of them there English Mini things to drive! I'd bet ya she might even be wearing shoes. I'm gonna have to get that girl back on the farm and see if she remembers how to milk Bessy, our family cow. But wait a minute. I'd better check her baggage when she gets here. I don't need her planting any Bobla Blubs in the garden...might mess up the Kudzu. Oh my, wait til her momma hears about this! (Must of come from her momma's side of the family anyway).

E.Money said...


Christina said...

Boba Tea is not just for 16 year olds and under. I'm 19 and I must say that I absolutely love boba tea! In fact, I went to Lollicup for the first time yesterday and I was amazed!