Sunday, November 04, 2007

Beautiful Bride?

I had the most frustrating experience yesterday. I played solo cello at an outdoor wedding. It was a fun gig and my playing was above par (for me). I did not like the wind, but prepared for it. Also did not like the sun bearing down, but tuned often and was not facing the sun. It made the music hard to see, but not impossible. Before the wedding I met the groom and the bride's mother and a friend of the groom who would cue me when it was time to play the processionals. I was sitting behind where the groomsmen would be standing. She cued and I played Jesu (the only song I kinda messed up on, b/c i played it so many times). Then she cued and I played Schurbert's Ave Maria as the bride walked down the aisle. The whole time I was playing I was telling myself, "I cannot mess this up. Think if you were the bride and this was your wedding you would want it perfect." It was the most beautiful song I played all day. I saw the bride's feet reach the front and ended the song. At this point I still had not seen the bride's face. Then she and the groom moved up closer to the pastor. The groom was still blocking the bride's face. During the ring giving, blocked. During the kiss, blocked. Then came time for me to play the Ode to Joy as they left. I NEVER SAW THE BRIDE'S FACE!!! Can you believe it!! How crazy is that! I just played her wedding and have no idea what she looks like. It was a beautiful ceromony and I was priveldged to be a part of it.

Oh... they never gave me my check. So to add to the awkwardness, I am going to have to email the bride and groom and ask them to mail my check. I took a while packing up hoping someone would bring it by, but finally left to get out of the way. What an interesting day, but I would love to do these more.

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