Sunday, October 21, 2007

Earth, Wind, & Fire

My feet hit plenty of earth today as Marti and I explored California Adventure and Disneyland. They made us park in one of the further parking lots. We were suppose to walk through Downtown Disney to get to the parks. Instead we checked out the Grand Californian Resort. It is amazingly beautiful inside. But we could not enter the park through the hotel entrance. We turned around and started to go the long way back to the entrances. This guy then told us that if we waited until noon, they would let us through the hotel entrance. He was so right!! I now know an insider tip!

To add excitement to the day we had wind gusts of up to 45 MPH. And believe me we felt them while on the Sun Wheel. The picture above is a forced smile as we put on brave faces while really praying for our lives to be spared when the ferris wheel cam e crashing down. We also fought all day not to get gunk in our eyes and to keep my cap on. I truly cannot believe how much the wind was gusting today.

Then as we were leaving Disneyland, we saw a cloud of smoke billowing. We did not know where it was coming from. As we travelled south down the 5 freeway, we saw the flames in the hills past Irvine. Marti took the above picture just a block over from our apartment. There is a huge wildfire less than 8 miles away, maybe even closer. We came home and packed an emergency bag. This fire is alittle too close for comfort!

To those of you on the other coast reading this on Monday morning... we are fine! Do not wake me up at 6am. The fire is heading more southwest, were we are southeast of it. It is actually heading where I use to live in Irvine. Don't call, just pray that everyone is ok... and thank God for the brave firefighters who are working so hard to keep us safe. Also pray for the winds to cease, so they can get control of this. Thanks!

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