Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Fire Update

Thank you all for your calls, IMs, and emails about the fire. It was and still is close. From what I hear last night was pretty scary in Foothill Ranch. Here is a pic of how close the fire got. (This is from the ocregister site... I did not take it.) Those houses are on the upper ridge of Foothill Ranch. The whole community of Foothill Ranch is about 7 miles wide, so that was a close call!

My roommates and I packed up some bags, my cello, and all our passports and important papers and did the voluntary evaculation. There is a lady at church who is selling a house and right now it is empty, but staged so there are beds and a couch. It was so hard not having TV or internet. We had no idea what was going on near our home. We are extremely grateful for the place to go.

This morning I got up to go to work still seeing smoke billowing in the distance. I drove to the apartment to make sure all was well. I took this pic at the corner right in front of our complex.

It seems like the danger is over for us. The winds could shift, but b/c most of the fuel for the fire is gone, it should not damage our homes. The fire does continue though and is still visible from my work. The smoke still lingers and my throat is hurting. For a video Clayton recroded yesterday check out this.

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