Friday, September 07, 2007

What a Friday!

You know how sometimes it is just hard to keep your head in the game on Friday? Well... today was particularly random. In between calls of people RSVPing for an event that RSVPs were suppose to be in last Saturday... I colored, had a few sword fights, skipped to the bathroom singing "we're going to wash our hands", made finger puppets, went around and saw who in the office would dance if requested, had two dance parties, spoke in a British accent, and probably a whole bunch more that I cannot remember.

Today was unofficially (meaning Clayton made it up) come to work with daddy day. So Clayton's two girls took turns coming to the office with dad today. In the morning we had the second oldest (3 years old). Good news was that Elizabeth was there and ready to entertain, so I actually got some work done. Even so in the morning we had a killer dance party, coloring, and lots of popcorn. In the afternoon Clayton's oldest daughter (4 years old) came. No more Elizabeth... so guess who entertained. Yep... ME! Wonder when they were suppose to spend time with daddy on "come to work with daddy day" :) Oh well... we had a ball. As you can see. Had some armor around from studying Ephesians 6 in EPIC. Had to play with that.

That was after skipping through the office to see who was not boring and would dance for us. Only two people danced... Go Dede and Derick!! You rock. Thanks for entertaining a 4 year old!!! How could anyone have said no to this face?

Oh yeah... we played with photo booth on my laptop. My favorites:

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Anonymous said...

Oh man! Did I miss go to work with daddy day? Just think of all the fun my daughter missed. We could have played push the numbers of the calculator, spinning off 6 feet of adding machine tape. And we could have played "run around the Internal Revenue Code" and still not know the answer game. Or we could have played "page someone" on the telephone game. Or maybe we could have colored 1040 Forms. And for sure we could have all the free Coca-Cola and animal cookies we wanted. And the elevator ride would have been boring since daddy's office only has two floors. We could have "skipped" the long telephone conversation game. And we could have studied the new electronic gadget and made a game out of that. And for sure we would have taken an extended lunch to that new Mickey D's down the road. We could have skipped our afternoon nap. We could have called mommy and told her how much fun we are having.

But daddy forgot that yesterday was the renowned and well etched in stone Clayton Bring Daughter to Work Day. Hey, I could not find that holiday on my calendar. I'll add it for next year. Do you think Clayton will let my daughter come to work with me? Where are those Saddleback travel expense reports?

Someone's Daddy