Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Lisa & Elizabeth

Two of THE coolest... most important people in my life... at this moment... sitting at my desk. I love you guys!!! You are the music in me!!


E.Money said...


Lisa Marie said...

Wow Tina, that was such a spontaneous and unexpected post...whatever made you think to give US a shout-out?!

I love you so so so much, my friend!!

TiNA said...

Just had a feeling that I really needed to post it. Hope you understand. This is the "start of something new". "We are all in this together" "everyday" us "wildcats". I try to not "stick to the status quo" I "gotta go my own way". "I don't dance", but am "fabulous" when i "get'cha head in the game" of "what i've been looking for". You are what I am looking for. "I can't take my eyes off of you". We will be "breaking free" as we "bop to the top" at work. You can "bet on it"!

Love my High School Musical junkies!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there...what ya'll talken bout out there-n-Californie. Seems my baby ain't speaking no Southern English no more. Wildcats? Youse talkin bout cyotes...or them kittens dropped off in the country by them city slickers who don't wantum any more? You don't dance? Well, course ya don't-youse Southern Baptist. It's written on the back flap of the hymnbook...church covanent...check out the hymnbook there at Saddleback this Sunday ... 11 AM and see. Bop to the top....you been fishing with them worms and a cane pole out there? Your float bops the the top and you done missed that big bass. Member what I taught ya...soons that float starts boppin...set that hook. And yeah...don't take your eyes off the fishin line else ya gonna miss that good meal of fish and hush puppies. You can bet on that...or wait a few...can't bet. That's amiss...betting is also off limits per that church covanent...check it out.

Luv ya...Paw...back in South Carolina...the Buckle of the Bible Belt.