Friday, July 13, 2007

Witches & Wizards: Harry Potter 5 review

It baffles me why some of the stories I have been most drawn to in my life are fantasy stories with witches &/or wizards involved (example: Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Harry Potter, Wicked). But as I think to what is my favorite part of the stories... though the magic is cool... it is more the characters themself that draw me in. I just got back from watching Harry Potter 5: Order of the Pheonix at the movies. When I read the book a few years ago I remember finishing it and thinking "they'll never make a movie out of this one". The book is a huge turning point in Harry's story from childhood fantasies to grown-up responsilblities. Though he is only 15 in the story, some of the aspects of magic and his story that he has taken lightly... are developed and challenged. The book introduces tons of new characters, brings back some older ones, and really focuses on character development. Though the story keeps your interest, after the Goblet of Fire there was not much action in the fifth book. So I did not see how they would turn this story with great character depth into a movie.

I am happy to say they did an amazing job. The movie focuses on Harry's journey. It does not fill you with details on past movies, it does not reintroduce characters... it just continues the story. They capture Harry's struggle with evil not on the outside like in past books, but on the inside. I loved this movie.

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