Saturday, July 14, 2007

Cloud Over Rwanda

A poem I wrote last year when I went to Rwanda. Soon I return. Maybe I will write a new poem :) Please pray for Rwanda and my time there.

Cloud Over Rwanda

There is a cloud over Rwanda, seen and unseen
A mist, a fog covers the mountains
The land of 1000 hills blurs in the distance

8 million searching for hope
A heaviness haunts the soul
A past not easily forgotten
A past through Christ forgiven

Smiles willingly given, readily taken
Walking everywhere, heading to nowhere
Out so all can see, but so few look
Amazed with a wave, a smile

God's love is so easy to share!

There is a cloud over Rwanda, waiting to lift
This country shines so bright
True courage and unity spring forth
Soon all will see and learn

God Bless Rwanda


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