Sunday, June 24, 2007


Wow this month I have done more activities than the last couple of years combined. If you have stayed up on my blog you have probably caught that. But just in case here is a recap of some of the activities of the last two weeks.

Friday, June 8: Wow Awards celebrating Saddleback Volunteers and met Mandisa from American Idol. Got home about 11pm.

Saturday, June 9: Disney Concert Hall. Where they performed the Bernstein mass with an amazing children's choir.

Saturday, June 16: Bridal shower for Becky!! Then spent the evening with Renee and Andres saw chalk art show at Paseo Colorado in Pasadena. Got home around midnight.

Sunday, June 17: Janine and Matthew took me to Disneyland for the first time. We got to ride the new Nemo ride.

Wednesday, June 20: Marti and I travelled up to LA and saw Wicked! What can I say that was the most amazing show. I still have songs going through my head. I would totally recommend it... actually I have to EVERYONE!!! (Sorry no pictures)

Friday, June 22: Singles Hawaiian Dance at Saddleback. That was only 3 months of work to put on. But people really did have a good time.

Saturday, June 23: The boys (Matthew and Virgil) suprised us and took us to Six Flags!! My feet were so sore and my body exhausted, but they do have the most amazing roller coasters! My favorite was a new one called Tatsu where you are facing the ground the whole time being supended like you are flying. Normally I do not like rides where all the body weight in on the safety bars, but this one was actually pretty comfortable. Thanks for taking us!!! (sorry the second one is blurry, but the idea was so great:)

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